Experience a moment of disconnection to reconnect with yourself and with others.

“We brought together about fifty managers at the Haras des Ecus last September. In this magnificent place, accompanied by Tarja and her team, we had a unique experience on the role of the manager, stress management and positive leadership. Tarja’s Finnish culture, the experience of athletes at a high level and the well-being provided by the sophrology session were combined to a perfection. Beyond the quality moments shared together, the team left with the resources to better fulfill its role as a manager.”


Cécile SANZ

“I recommend with my eyes closed a training session at the Haras des Ecus, for a real team work, mixing authenticity and conviviality, in an extraordinary setting and in exceptional company.
A resourceful place
An exciting work with the Haras’ magnificent horses
A real moment of cohesion and exchange
A sublime coach in person, Tarja, a Finnish native in the Sarthe, who will continue to inspire and stimulate you.”

Human Resources Director,

Sandrine Cambazar

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LE SISU FINLANDAIS … incarnating “sisu”,

an untranslatable Finnish word for “unyielding determination, resistance, courage, humility “
… that inner strength which is essential in life, and which gives authenticity and lasting success in life. It’s the Finnish art of courage & perseverance … would it be one of the secrets of the happiness in Finland?

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