Inspire international and

multicultural teams

Who should attend?
International and / or multicultural teams who aspire to enrich their teamwork for a performant, enjoyable and successful collaboration within the team.
of this training is to enable teams working in an international / multicultural context to inspire their team members by taking into account the cultural specificities of each team member. Learn to value cultural diversity within your team to foster more effective collaboration.

Develop their Authenticity – by creating collective, team strength by appreciating each person’s expertise and capitalizing on their unique identity and their strengths within the team

•   Learn to know yourself better, by identifying your strengths and your expertise within multicultural teams

  • Manage a multicultural team considering each person’s cultural specificities
  • Implement tools to create an atmosphere of shared trust and mutual respect for collaboration / cohesion

The specificity of this program is that it is inspired by the by the philosophy of being stronger and more performing in teams where the diversity and the cultural differences are appreciated and taken into consideration.

A different and powerful program; focused on the uniqueness and strengths of each team member in multicultural & international contexts. Highly experiential.

What stands out with this training

  • For the offsite / an unusual seminar location in the countryside, in a wooden conference room with several outside terraces or outside in nature, for a complete disconnection from the virtual and office work
  • Finnish facilitator / coach with the expertise in authentic leadership with over 20 years of management experience in international companies
  • A team of coaches / trainers, aligned with the same types of practice, and used to working together in the same philosophy

 Les Options disponibles :

  • A unique experience to test / mirror one’s style of management & communication style and the impact on others with the agility and situational intelligence – via an Equicoaching seminar
  • A personality profile assessment tools (The Cultural Orientations Framework (COF), MBTI / Colors DISC, 360° …) can be carried out before the training
  • Follow up with individual or Team coaching sessions after the training


MULTICULTURAL TEAMS program (1-4 days customized for the client)

Global Mindset is that ability to recognize and adapt to cultural signals by appreciating the importance of team members from different backgrounds for their diversity and the value added for effective teamwork.   To inspire the diverse talent in the team, to be authentic with exceptional performance.

Customized program

Module 1 : Defining the fundamentals for effective team cohesion in an international / multicultural context

Module 2 : Creating Cohesion Effects in International / Multicultural Teams

Module 3 : Putting into action successful international / multicultural teams

Teaching methods

A learner-centered pedagogy that builds on this knowledge and combines various modalities that make the learner the actor of his training.

Defining the fundamentals for effective team cohesion in an international / multicultural context
  • Taking a step back and developing self-awareness / operating models
  • Understand the behavior of colleagues from different cultures
  • Identify – What do we need / the keys to success?
  • Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions
  • Synthesize the fundamentals


Tools available: Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions, Multiple Intelligences, Team Coaching

Putting into action successful international / multicultural teams
  • How to create the conditions for an autonomous, responsible, and committed team … specific to your team and your context?
  • Customized action plans for each team


Tools available: Collective Intelligence, Team Coaching, the Pyramid of the motivated & performing team, Collaborative Teams

Creating Cohesion Effects in International / Multicultural Teams
  • Overcoming conflicts and language barriers
  • Intercultural written and oral communication
  • Bringing together and sharing values and beliefs
  • Key attitudes to adopt and skills to strengthen teamwork


Tools available: Emotional Intelligence, Manager/Coach …