Coaching & Consulting

A new mindset at work

Neuroscience has established that our brain has a highly robust and well-developed capacity to change in response to environmental demands, a process called plasticity which is a core feature of the brain throughout life.

The coaching allows you to teach your brain to quickly integrate new behaviours. It trains managers, employees and their teams to adapt in real time to any change in their professional environment, being agile.

Our society and its view on professional life are entering a new era. The fundamental needs of a successful business have a new focus. Today, more than ever before, business leaders at the heart of each enterprise need to adapt and accept the necessity for a truly humane approach to working conditions. They need to change the framework of their thinking and abandon the obsolete practices inherited from the past.


What if you already made it the new professional asset of your company ?

The philosophy of your coach & consultant - Tarja VARTIAINEN

Tarja was born and raised in Finland until the age of 18. Then she studied and worked in the US for 9 years. She then moved to London and Paris where she managed international teams for 15 years.

All the elements of Tarja’s career path have converged towards coaching and consulting.

After having held management positions in large international companies, she followed her heart and created her own coaching and consulting company.   She is a certified Executive Coach at HEC where she regularly participates & teaches in Executive Education modules.  

Thanks to her high level training and her long expertise, Tarja offers you a powerful method, based on agility and authenticity.  Finnish by birth and culture, Tarja embodies Nordic expertise and authenticity as well as “sisu”, the untranslatable Finnish word for “unyielding determination, resilience, courage, fearlessness, strong will, and humility”.

Warm, intuitive, attentive, she will instill in you her know-how and her professional knowledge, with a presence and a strength of transmission out of the ordinary

Individual coaching … to develop and progress on one’s strengths

  • Helping the person to take a step back and allow him or herself to give the best of him or herself, in all serenity and confidence.
  • To accompany the person to develop his/her own skills to progress on the leadership and managerial capacities.
  • Helping the person to have self-confidence, to value him/herself, to express his/her personality while respecting that of others and to progress on his/her unique strengths.


Team Coaching … be stronger and more efficient as a team : Collective & Situational Intelligence

  • Accompanying the team to take a step back and bring out the
    best with authenticity and agility.


  • Helping the team to implement new solutions to work better together with trust and a shared quality relationship.
  • Accompany the team so that everyone finds his/her expertise,
    the added value … simply becoming a high-performance team with
    specialized expertise of each individual and
    complementary skills to collaborate & innovate


Co-development … thinking “out of the box” and developing co-operation, trust & creativity

  • Accompanying a group to share their professional challenges.  Helping each other & learning together and cultivating a “collective intelligence.”  Co-development is based on a six-step process that structures speaking, listening and thinking and encourages action (based on the exchange of practices and individual & collective competences, designed and developed by Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette).

Ethical framework


  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Unconditional acceptance, respect, non-judgment of the person and/or the team being accompanied
  • Commitment to co-responsibility of the relationship of exchange, transparency, reflection and action
  • Commitment to excellence through continued personal, professional and ethical development
  • Coach herself follows a supervision


Thanks to her own strong experience in management for more than 20 years, Tarja brings her expertise and authenticity to improve the team work with the different professional teams.
In the consulting assignments, she first analyzes the situation, identifies the improvement areas, elaborates the solutions, and proposes an action plan (in accordance with the financial and/or human means available to the company) then accompanies its implementation.

The consulting expertise focuses on the following topics :


  • Boosting motivation and synergies within teams – How to improve the Team work
  • Management at distance and/or international teams to high-performance
  • Talent development
  • Change and project management
  • Well-being at work