Who should attend ?

Teams who want to strengthen their collective performance, disconnect from ‘normal’ hectic life in order to better connect with themselves and with others to enrich & develop authentic teamwork.


of this training will allow teams to better understand each other & their preferred style – in order to improve team work, get back to basics and appreciate the fundamentals for a cohesive, performant and successful teamwork:

  • Develop their Authenticity – by creating collective, team strength by appreciating each person’s expertise and capitalizing on their unique identity and their strengths within the team
  • Learn Agility & Resilience – situational intelligence in action
  • Communicate, connect & collaborate with compassion & trust by creating quality relationships
  • Create team empowerment with passion and motivate successful teams with sustainability 

The uniqueness of this program is that it is inspired by the importance and expertise of each individual within the team. In particular with the notion of collaborative, authentic & agile leadership style and the empowerment of teams.
A different and powerful program, focused on authentic, dynamic and lasting team cohesion, by highlighting & appreciating the different expertise within teams to be stronger as a team (how to go further as a team than each team member individually).

What stands out with this training

  • For the offsite / an unusual seminar location in the countryside, in a wooden conference room with several outside terraces or outside in nature, for a complete disconnection from the virtual and office work
  • Finnish facilitator / coach with the expertise in authentic leadership with over 20 years of management experience in international companies
  • Fully incarnating the finnish ‘Sisu’ in the design and actioning of this unique program (from A to Z) – by the founder
  •  A team of coaches / trainers, aligned with the same types of practice, and used to working together in the same philosophy

The Options available

  • A unique experience to test / mirror one’s style of management & communication style and the impact on others with the agility and situational intelligence – via an Equicoaching seminar
  • A personality profile assessment tool (MBTI / Colors DISC, 360) can be carried out before the training
  • Follow up with individual coaching sessions after the training

Four Modules for TEAM BUILDING

1-4 days (customized for the client)

Collaborating with compassion and obtaining exceptional results over time requires not only knowing oneself, one’s values, skills & strengths, behaviors and emotions, but also appreciating the qualities of others. Being authentic requires communicating effectively and expressing yourself in a sincere way but also having the ability to listen and to be respectful of others. Becoming a cohesive and authentic team means you know how to be agile and how to best serve your team.

Customized program

Module 1 : Know yourself and your preferred style – Keep developing your own authentic style of leadership

Module 2 : Communicate, Connect and Create quality relationships as a Team

Module 3 : Learn Agility & Resilience – Situational Intelligence

Module 4 : Create performing Teams with Empowerment

Teaching methods

A learner-centered pedagogy that builds on this knowledge and combines various modalities that make the learner the actor of his training.

Know yourself and your preferred style – Keep developing your own authentic style of leadership
  • Taking a step back and reflecting on your models & preferences of functioning
  • Developing your own unique identity with your strengths
    • Your values, expertise, talents, passions
    • Your vision, mission, motivation, objectives, actions

Tools available : Multiple Intelligences, SWOT, Ikigai, MBTI / DISC Colors …

Learn Agility & Resilience – Situational Intelligence
  • Become an agile, collaborative, and resilient team with the four Cs to build on the collective:
    • confidence, co-creativity, choice, conviviality
  • Actioning your “SISU*” resilience, perseverance, courage, determination, humility, honesty, creativity with your team

*with the Finnish model – SISU- which reflects the internal force and unyielding determination to face the challenges

Tools available: Participative & Collaborative Management model, 6 Leadership styles, Intercultural/Multicultural context

Communicate, Connect and Create quality relationships as a Team
  • Giving the best of yourself / appropriating different emotional languages
    • The role of emotions, knowing how to decrypt them to act with courage and exemplarity
    • How emotions help create personal and relational wealth
  • Communicating with relational agility
    • The art of feedback, conveying the difficult messages, know how to stay positive, develop your empathy

Tools available: Emotional and Positive Intelligence, Manager – Coach

Create performing Teams with Empowerment

  • What is empowerment ?
  • Building the high performance, empowered & passionate teams
    • How to create the conditions for an autonomous, responsible and committed team
    • Value added by each team member by their specific expertise
    • The heart of the company’s strategic dynamics and the place of your team
    • Business development and shared vision of the future

Tools available : Collective Intelligence, TED empowerment dynamic, the Pyramid of the motivated & efficient teams, Coaching / Mentoring