Equicoaching and the Horse

Because experimentation is more effective than theory.

The horse is a vector,
a mirror, a mediator.

The notion of collective well-being is written into its DNA. Its intelligence is emotional and situational. The horse does not judge, does not lie and cannot be lied to. It is in the moment, it does not make assumptions and does not tolerate incoherence. He reacts to the emotion we feel and our body language.

It is a non-verbal language.

To interact with him, we learn to:

  • Listen and be attentive
  • Use the right tone
  • Let go
  • Be authentic
  • Apply a different perception of time

All these will give rise to mutual trust and shared respect.

The Horse: Interaction and Teaching

Equicoaching is accessible to everyone. There is no need for special knowledge, there is no obligation to touch the horse if you do not feel comfortable. All the work is done on foot.

Alone or in a team, your mission is to make the horse respond to simple instructions.

In order to be understood, we work on our gestures, our attitude and our intention.

As an exceptional collaborator, the horse’s response is instinctive and immediate: if he does not move, it is because your body language has not made clear what is expected of him.

You will learn the essence of congruence: the alignment between who you are, what you do, what you say. The energy you emit will go in the right direction if you are in agreement with yourself. Only then will you be understood and followed in your teamwork. We do not transmit what we say, we transmit what we are.

It is because you have lived this experience and learned to meet its challenges that you will be able to integrate so quickly.