Experience a moment of disconnection in an exceptional place in connection with nature.

Dress code, social status and hierarchical levels have no impact on group work.

Only sincerity and open-mindedness remain, to reconnect with yourself and with others.

We prepare a seminar tailored specifically to the needs of your teams.
We can ignite change and accelerate transformation across your organization. Team Coaching can be one of the most powerful ways to speed up business transformation. By connecting employees in a shared team experience, channelling the energy of your people towards a shared business goal and turning moments into momentum … this will accelerate the organizational change where it needs to go.

Our coaching methods generate a quick adjustment and instil a deep and durable awareness of core values in each participant.

  • the creation of a shared trust & respect where management is viewed as a source for inspiration
  • the foundation of common core values
  • the definition of clear objectives
  • the freedom of creativity and productivity for the teams
  • the enhancement of the communication
  • the appreciation of each individual’s expertise
  • the new collective energy

If you are reading this text, it is because you are ready to commit to these new changes and to a new professional approach.

A win-win approach

Learning to cooperate with empathy in order to bring out the best of the people / the teams is the most efficient way to combat stress at work, enhance creativity and improve your company’s performance.  And what if you made this the new professional asset of your company?

A seminar with concrete, measurable and realistic results for

  • identify strengths and areas for development
  • become aware of the power of our intentions
  • learn how ours actions & way of being impact others
  • re-programme a new mode of communication
  • integrate a new mindset at work based on shared values


Enter the circle of virtuous companies in terms of employment and well-being at work.

Our society and its view on professional life are entering a new era. The fundamental needs of a successful business have a new focus. Today, more than ever before, business leaders at the heart of each enterprise need to adapt and accept the necessity for a truly humane approach to working conditions. Finding the authentic way to co-operate within the teams will ensure the sustainable performance over time.

“To transform professional life, to develop the collective intelligence and the performance of a team, to create a virtual work place, in which everyone communicates quickly, using the same language…these are the changes that you desire.”

Seminars and Options

The seminars will be tailored specifically to your needs (the objectives and the length of the seminar to create a custom made programme for the teams)

 Equicoaching for Team Cohesion Workshop/Seminars 1-2 days (a Discovery Session is possible in a half-day): an accelerator of awareness, a mirror of one’s leadership & communication style, a revealer of one’s situational intelligence

Multicultural/International Team Seminars

Mindfulness seminars on Stress & Change Management

The Authentic Leader/Manager Seminar

  • MODULE 1: Becoming a collaborative and agile leader, the “Finnish” model
  • MODULE 2: Getting to know yourself better – Developing your authentic leadership
  • MODULE 3: Communicating – Connecting and building quality relationships
  • MODULE 4: Building Effective Teams – Empowerment

*Individual and/or team coaching sessions: to be deployed at the end of the training to accompany the action plans and personal progress over time.


Located in the department of the Sarthe in the region of Pays de la Loire, the venue is close to Le Mans and one hour by TGV from Paris.  It is a peaceful place where core value is the search for high professional quality work, for humans, as well as for the horses.


Surrounded by racehorses, broodmares & their foals, whose daily life is focused on the quality and finesse of preparing these athletes for the competitions at high-level.  On a property of 40 hectares, you will enjoy the calm and comfort.  There is a separate fully equipped seminar building, ‘La Finlande’, a covered manege for equicoaching and several round pins for the experiences with the horses.  Enjoy being outside on beautiful wooden terraces to relax and share your thoughts & learnings with the others.


For accommodation and dinners, quality hotels and restaurants, and even tipis, are all nearby and ready to welcome you.  We can organise your seminar from A to Z J.


Possible services on site at the HARAS des ECUS :


Team Building via Equicoaching and Team Coaching or individually


Trainings / Conferences:

  • Management & Authentic Leadership – Interpersonal Communication – Team Cohesion
  • Project management, change management, conflict and/or stress mindfulness
  • Mastering the multicultural and international context
  • Finnish SISU – that inner strength which is essential in life, and which gives authenticity, lasting success in life
  • Sophrology sessions with/without horses
  • Visit of farm – discovery of the world of racehorses and breeding
  • Walk in the nature (around 40 ha)
  • Meals with local products / producers and wine & cheese tasting
  • Seminar room available for your own meetings
  • Local chef available for your events