Horses & Coaching®


Equicoaching / Certified in HORSES & COACHING®

A unique experience to use horses for the individual/team coaching (Equicoaching) and team events. The horse has an exceptional skill to be our mirror to reflect our Authenticity, Intention and Presence.
This approach has been created 20-years ago by Guillaume Antoine and Gerard Dorsi after years of observation of the horses in the riding environments. They studied the similarities and the differences of the behavior between the two species – humans and the horses – and drew significant conclusions which they wished to share with the others. These conclusions are the key success factors for the impactful and authentic management & communication.
A horse has an exceptional skill to decrypt our behaviors, reflect the image perceived and thus to develop individuals and teams. This skill enables the horse to:

  • Accelerate and facilitate the awareness
  • Be a real mirror of one’s management style
  • Reveal the person’s communication mode
  • Act as an exceptional mediator

Today’s work environment is in a permanent change management mode. The leaders and their teams need guidance and support to succeed. Being flexible and agile are some of the key attributes. Furthermore, in order to succeed with quality results, the companies need to value each individuals’ contributions and their expertise. Having authenticity and diversity in the teams will improve the performance.

  • Would you like to share the values which matter to you, with your teams?
  • Do you wish a working environment where everyone can contribute?
  • Would you like to experience a completely different, innovative approach?

Alternating the theory and the interactions with the horses in all security, and the feedback sessions with a coach in an atmosphere of confidence, you can experience a process which works. You will discover the power and the simplicity of a management completely geared towards the others …

For the Managers/Leaders and their Teams


For the Managers/Leaders and their Teams (either individually or in teams) in France and internationally

Also, offering Team Events in the peaceful environment, with the horses and the possibility to have a moment of relaxation in the sauna & spa after the sessions


Tarja Vartiainen Consulting

Give professional advice and expertise  in a particular area such as management, human resources, finance, … (from Latin: consultare “to deliberate”)
Executive Coaching
Provide an opportunity for senior management to :

  • Optimize performance, self-development & self-discovery
  • Advance on the personal performance, management and leadership style and the organizational culture
  • Discuss sensitive issues
  • Help think aloud
  • Plan and review the desired outcomes

Co-Development (team)
Professional co-development, facilitated by the coach, is a collective learning approach that starts from the participants’ real-life situations (at work) and allows everyone involved to progress in his or her professional practice as well as allowing the group as a whole to develop its own collective intelligence.
Vital part of the individual/team development  to improve current or future  performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through learning, usually by changing the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge.



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